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Our favorite moisturizer is  Easily absorbed, light, non-greasy and all-natural hydration, leaving no oily feel.

Body Tonic


Easily absorbed, light, non-greasy and all-natural hydration, leaving no oily feel.

USE: Daily

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 


Shaving oils are a skin’s best friend.  The oil creates a barrier of protection between your skin and the razor and protects against in-grown hairs, rashes, razor burns and irritation.  It also adds hydration which is important because each time you shave you are essentially exfoliating the top layer of skin. 

Simply wet your skin and then work a few drops of oil into areas to be shaved.  Continue with your favorite shaving routine {you may use soap, foam, body wash, etc.}  There is no need to re-apply the oil after the shower, it will continue to add and protect your skin’s hydration all day without an oily feel.


Body oils are an amazing way to trap in moisture into the skin for a non-greasy hydration that lasts all day.  PLUS, our essential oil blend fights free radicals with antioxidants and help to smooth skin.  It is easiest to spread and be absorbed when the skin is wet by simply applying a few pumps into wet hands and working into wet skin.  It is easiest to do this in the shower, just before you step out and pat dry.  The oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and keeps skin hydrated with a healthy glow and a non-greasy texture.  Continued daily use only increases the benefits. 

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