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Gifts from the Bride to Be

Gifts from the Bride to Be

Congratulations! You yourself, or one of your friends or family members is tying the knot! Whether you're the one planning or attending a wedding, you'll be wondering just what to gift your bridal party or the bridal couple. We're here to help make the process a whole lot easier. Keep reading for the best gifting practices as the bridal couple or Bride to Be: 

WooHoo! You said Yes! Now it's time to pop the question to your best friends. It's become popular to ask "Will you be my bridesmaid" with a small gift. Anything from jewelry they can wear on your wedding day, to champagne flutes for some celebration, it is best to ask for their commitment to being in your bridal party with a gift. This can be in addition to another gift given to the bridal party at the rehearsal luncheon or dinner as a special thank you. The best time to select gifts for your bridal party to be given at the rehearsal dinner or luncheon is around 3 months prior to your wedding date. This gives ample time for the gifting company or yourself to order, assemble and wrap the gifts with unique packaging that maintains the integrity of your bridal theme.

Don't forget about the guys! Thank you gifts should be given to all members of the bridal party, groomsmen included at the rehearsal dinner or other pre-wedding event. 


It is also important to thank everyone who has helped make your wedding day even more special. If an engagement party was thrown in your honor, be sure to thank the host/hosts with a gift and a personal, handwritten thank you note. The same goes for the host/hosts of your rehearsal dinner and wedding regardless if they are your parents or not. 

At Small Batch Gallery + Goods, gifting is our speciality. We can help you choose the perfect thank you gifts for everyone on your list. We understand that this is an extremely busy time for you, so we can ship gifts to far away friends and family, as well as hand write thank you notes to accompany them. Don't let gifting add any stress, we'll make sure that everything arrives on time, is beautiful and includes all the necessary personal touches. 

Get started today by filling out our Speciality Gifting Inquiry Form, or Contacting us. 

Not the bride or groom, but still involved in the wedding? Don't worry! Keep your eye out for the next post in this series: Gifts From the Wedding Guests! 

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