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Gifts from the Guests

Gifts from the Guests

Congratulations! You yourself, one of your friends or family members is tying the knot! Whether you're the one planning or attending a wedding, it will leave you wondering just what to gift your bridal party or the bridal couple. We're here with a gifting guide to help make the process a whole lot easier. Last time we talked about how to gift as the bridal couple, today we're focusing on gift giving as the wedding guest! 

If you're the Wedding Guest: 

 Get ready to celebrate! From finding needed attire, coordinating travel if necessary, and choosing an appropriate gift, being a guest can be stressful. We're here to answer some common questions about just what to get the bridal couple. 

First things first, consult the registry. If there are items on the registry that you see and feel comfortable giving as a gift, consider your gifting responsibilities complete! However, you don't have to only purchase a gift from the couples registry. It's a great place to start and understand the look, feel and style the couple is going for. With that information you can now being to look off registry. Is there something that you personally may not have registered for, that you've since found extremely helpful? Are there family heirlooms to pass down that the couple would love? Basing your off registry gift with these questions in mind will help you pick something special and useful for the newly weds. 

 Here at Small Batch Gallery + Goods we've curated an extensive collection of unique items for the home that will fit a multitude of styles. We also offer an in-store registry and can help you pair on and off registry items together to build the perfect gift in the shop! 

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