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The Essential Trio

Three Essentials for Living Well

It’s been 130 days since North Carolina was “shut down” due to COVID-19. It’s been 130 days of ups and downs; chances to evaluate and to re-evaluate where we are and what we’re doing. One hundred and thirty days of family togetherness, daily stress and a sense of anxiety that just doesn’t seem to go away. However, it’s also been 130 days of a much-needed reset on my incredibly busy work-life schedule. Those who know me know that I will work until I can’t keep my eyes open; I sleep with my notebook by the bed; and am always thinking about ways to improve our client experience. With all that being said, there are 3 things that have become my COVID essentials and are used every day: Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup, Nina’s Olive Oil and “Simply Living Well” by Julia Watkins.

Sweet’s has been in our refrigerator for about a year now and we have attributed a much healthier immune system because of it. In the months before COVID, it seemed that everyone was getting sick with a croupy cough, high fever, chills and/or exhaustion. We can honestly say that not one family member had to visit the doctor’s office for a sick visit during that time. Our morning ritual included 2 tablespoons of Sweet’s before leaving the house. I had been reading the benefits of Elderberry Syrup and was so happy to find one that was not only so good for you, but that also tasted so good! 

Benefits of Elderberry Syrup

1. Elderberry is found to dramatically reduce symptoms of both the common cold and the flu
2. Elderberries are a low-calorie food packed with vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants
3. Elderberry has many health benefits, including fighting cancer and bacteria, immune support, UV protection and diuretic effects
4. Elderberry is heart healthy, helping to reduce cholesterol, uric acid and blood sugar levels

Nina herself called on our shop about a month ago when her daughter was starting an internship at PCS Phosphate in Aurora (about 30 minutes from New Bern). She was visiting from Charlotte and wanted to see if we would be interested in stocking her olive oil on our shelves. Always having an open ear and wanting to help other small businesses, we agreed to meet her later that afternoon. As soon as she and her husband walked through the door, we knew it would be a great match! We ordered two cases and just placed an order for 3 more cases this morning! This olive oil is packed with flavor and we were excited to learn about all the good things olive oil can do when taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Benefits of Olive Oil

1. It detoxifies your liver
2. It is loaded with antioxidants
3. It contains nutrients that fight inflammation
4. It helps reduce risks of having a stroke
5. It helps lower blood pressure
6. It helps aid in weight loss
7. It may help fight Alzheimer’s Disease
8. It helps reduce risks of Type 2 Diabetes
9. It helps reduce risks of cancer
10. It helps reduce joint pain and swelling

Finally, I have been reading and re-reading sections of Julie Watkins’ “Simply Living Well” in an effort to reduce some of the waste in our home and to find healthier alternatives to eating, cleaning and well… simply living. The book is chock-full of healthy tips, useful information, great recipes for everything from cleaning supplies and headache relief to salsas, soups and so much more. I absolutely love all of the photography throughout the book and feel inspired with each read. This extra time at home has given us the opportunity to purge what we don’t need, focus on what we do, appreciate the more simple things in life and feel a lot more calm. Things don’t seem to bother us as much as they used to as we’re taking these steps of a more natural way of living into our business model. I am grateful for these three things and am happy to offer them as part of our Essential Collection. If you are looking to gift someone “three things” during this crazy time, we can’t say enough good things about this selection.

Wishing you all the best as you navigate your way during the next few weeks; we’re here for you! 











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