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The Perfect Pair, Chocolate and Wine

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Posted on October 24 2018

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Welcoming French Broad Chocolate to Small Batch Graphics & Goods!!! Our Asheville, NC favorite has officially landed in New Bern and we couldn't be more excited. The founders of French Broad, Dan and Jael Rattigan started their bean-to-bar factory in 2012. They have a passion for creating the best chocolate on the market, and us and many others believe they have succeeded. 

Yesterday around 3pm when we were hitting a mid afternoon lull, we decided to break out one of our new bars for a taste test. We were as wowed by the interior packaging as we were by the outside. Complete with the story of how French Broad was started and their mission. We were also greeted by a small square card within the box that gave directions on how to properly taste their amazing chocolate. So we did just that. We heard the satisfying snap of breaking off a piece from the bar. Indulged in the rich cocoa scent. Let the chocolate morsels melt in our mouths to observe the texture (so so smooth), and pick up on the more nuanced flavor profile of the bar. The comforting homey taste of fresh baked brownies, followed by a nutty richness, and finished with the bright fruity taste of grape. It was an amazing experience that left us satisfied and shocked at how impeccable a chocolate bar could be. 

In todays fast-paced, read-to-go culture we often inhale the nearest sweets and move on. Taking 3 minutes to breathe and enjoy this ritualistic chocolate tasting experience was something new to all of us. It was relaxing, pure, and reminiscent of how one would taste a fine wine.

Exchanging a glance at each other, we realized we were all thinking the same thing: this is perfect to pair with our stemless wine glasses. Now you can give the gift of unadulterated indulgence to a friend, great host, or even yourself. Handcrafted, small batch, recycled glass, stemless wine glasses, with handcrafted, small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate. A match made in heaven. 

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