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Introducing Sweet's Syrup

Introducing Sweet's Syrup

It couldn't be better timing! With the first sniffles from my high schooler comes the arrival of Sweet's Syrup, a NC based partner specializing in crafted elderberry syrup. We'll be picking up our first order in just a couple of days. If you don't know the power that elderberry syrup has to knock out cold and flu symptoms, you're missing out! We know there are other products out there, but we searched for the best and found it with Sweets! 

Sweet's Syrup combines organic elderberries and spices with raw local honey.  This blend is specifically chosen for its protective and healing properties, plus great flavor.

The Sweets Story

After a loved one was diagnosed with cancer, Stephanie Rickenbaker got serious about clean living. She reduced her family’s exposure to toxins, learned about natural remedies and integrative medicine, and embraced the healing power of food. To boost her family’s immunity, Stephanie developed an organic elderberry syrup.  Her daughter, nicknamed "Sweet," loved the syrup so much that Stephanie named it for her.  In three short years, Sweet's Syrup catapulted from a home remedy sold among friends to a household name. Sweet’s is available online and in shops across the Carolinas and Georgia.

Sweet’s Syrup practices environmental stewardship by packaging with recyclable materials and sourcing organic, sustainably farmed ingredients whenever possible.

The Sweet’s team is committed to helping you achieve better health through delicious, organic products delivered with honesty and exceptional customer satisfaction.


We're so excited to bring this delicious syrup to the shop; stop by before cold and flu symptoms hit your house and stay healthy this fall and winter season! 

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