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Good Morning Orange

Everyday when we walk into the shop, one of us has set the coffee to brewing.  We have the luxury of always having the latest Carolina Coffee Company blend in the shop and ready to sample! Today we spruced up our traditional Carolina Morning blend with a dash of Orange Bitters, because who needs orange juice to start the day when you can have those bright citrus flavors in your morning mug! 

"Cocktail Bitters in a cup of coffee?" you may be asking yourself, but yes it works and boy is it delicious. As traditional coffee drinkers, we were skeptics when we first read the recipe on Blackwater Bitters Co website, why fix something that isn't broken? Yet paired with the already citrusy notes in the lighter roast of the Carolina Morning blend it really brought out the flavors and aroma of our already fantastic coffee. We were shocked at how well it paired, and think it may be a staple addition to our daily coffee. 

However I couldn't help but think about how well these Orange Bitters would go with hot chocolate. Orange and Chocolate is a classic combination, that many know and love. It would be a great Christmas Morning treat for kids and adults alike since it's non-alcoholic. 

If you try it and love it we would like to hear about it!! Snap a picture, post on Instagram or Facebook and tag @shopatsmallbatch! Happy Sipping! 
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