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Crushing on the Coquito

Crushing on the Coquito

The Coquito from Puerto Rico, a traditional Christmas drink, is not so far from our traditional holiday eggnog, with a tropical twist. Today we are sharing two great eggnog recipes that set the mood of the holidays whether you're at home or in the tropics! 

We don't know who to credit for concocting the first Coquito, but what we do know is that is it delicious! Meant to be shared among family and friends the recipe fills a pitcher. So grab a glass and your closest friends to share some holiday spirit! 




For a more rustic, and classic taste we have put a slight twist on the normal eggnog we've all been sipping for years. By adding Hot Cocoa Bitters, from our favorite Blackwater Bitters Co, they pack in even more holiday cheer, and a perfect chocolatey finish, to an otherwise classic recipe. 

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Have you tried either of these recipes before? Or have one even better you'd like to share? Let us know by posting a photo on Instagram or Facebook and tagging @shopatsmallbatch ! We love to try new things, and hear how you liked our suggestions! 

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