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Give all year

Give all year

The Holiday Season is client and corporate giving prime time. We were super busy designing, packaging, shipping out gifts, and sweet thank-you's to all of the people who help your business run. We found this great blog post from Anastasia Casey and The Identité Collective about How to Give the Perfect Client Gift, and it aligned beautifully with our mission here at Small Batch! 

Some of the highlights in the article include giving quality items over quantity, personalizing each gift, staying true to your brand's aesthetic, and choosing items that are usable and practical. At Small Batch all of the items in are shop are made in the USA by individual artisans. We believe that they create beautiful, unique and practical artwork that withstands the test of time. It is so much more meaningful to give and receive a singular usable art piece, like a mug, hand stitched journal, hand poured candle or soap. These items have been thoughtfully designed, and packaged to make the space they are in feel complete. 

That said the holidays aren't the only time that clients and corporate partners can be acknowledged and thanked. Year round giving at the end of important projects, after specific referrals, or on the anniversary of your partnership is a great way to thank specific clients all year. 

To get started with planning your client gifts for 2019 fill out our Specialty Gifting Inquiry Form. To read the whole article on choosing the perfect client gift click here. 

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