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American Makers Making a Difference

American Makers Making a Difference

When we first started Small Batch a little over a year ago, we knew we wanted to work with artists who appreciate working in small batches. We love curating gifts that are handcrafted; there’s something special about receiving a gift that is signed by the person who made it. Or when there is a story behind the company and their reason for starting it. When you get to select the partners you carry because of the relationships you build and you know that together you’re making a difference, there is NOTHING better.

Each artist and maker represented at Small Batch is here because we feel they offer something even bigger than their product. They have passion, enthusiasm and a desire to make this world a better place. With each conversation we share, we find out more and more about what makes them so special.

For example, when my niece visited our shop a couple of months ago, she fell in love with a crossbody bag by Rachel Elise. She was heading to middle school and wanted to have something that was a little more hip to carry her medical supplies in so that she didn’t feel self-conscious around her peers. And, like my sister, she is someone who likes to explore ALL her options before making a decision. So, although she loved the bag, she left empty-handed to check out other stores to see if she liked anything better.

After a couple of weeks, my sister messaged me to see if the bag we carried came in a different color and was just a little bigger than what she saw. We gave some different options and are happy to report that she circled back to a bag by Rachel.

When placing the order, I explained how excited we were to find something that made my niece so happy since she has had such a difficult year because of health issues. Rachel was quick to respond saying how happy that made her feel because she learned to sew at about the same age my niece is now because of health issues she had as a child. It brought tears to my eyes to learn that a setback she had long ago has propelled her into doing something so creative and fulfilling.

These kinds of stories happen more often than not which reinforce our passion for the shop, for our friends and loved ones and for our community. We are proud to offer handcrafted, American-made gifts and home goods that have been carefully curated to bring a little smile to someone’s life.

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