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Crude Bitters
Crude Bitters
Crude Bitters

Crude Bitters



Rizzo -- A delightful balance of rosemary, grapefruit and black peppercorn. The grapefruit brightens, the rosemary aromatizes, and the peppercorn punches. Beautiful in a gin and tonic, devious in a glass of bourbon. 4 oz bottle

Sycophant -- A classic orange bitters finished with North Carolina figs. A sweet citrus taste up front, finishing with earth tones and vanilla bean. Excellent with gin or bourbon. 4 oz bottle 

Lindsay -- A blend of toasted pecan and magnolia bark, with just a hint of heat to wake your taste buds up. Magnolia bark provides a subtle floral aroma and a bitter finish to the rounded nuttiness of the pecan. 4 oz bottle

Apothecary -- Woodsy and piney, with citrusy allspice-like notes. This seasonal bitters uses foraged spruce tips and spicebush berries from around the Southeast. Spicebush lends a citrusy and dark spice flavor to the woodsy aroma. Delicious in rye and amaro, and equally great in gin or tequila. 2 oz bottle

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