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Bitter Box


Bitters are a highly concentrated cocktail flavoring, consisting of herbs, spices, flowers, barks, roots, and other agents steeped in high proof spirits. You might consider bitters the seasoning—the salt and pepper, if you will, of cocktails. So what better way to show your best guys how much they mean to you? Our Bitter Boxes are customizable with a bitter and coaster of your choice plus our recycled glass tumbler. 

Salty Bitters - Mostly salty with a tinge of sweet sourness from hibiscus and some heat from jalapeno, these bitters carry a medley of intense flavors.  Parsley and celery seed are quickly detected with the saltiness of dandelion leaf and savory bitterness from the burdock root balancing the experience. This recipe lends adds an extra pop to your clean and/or dirty martinis. 

Lavender Bitters - Lavender, it speaks for itself.  To accent this powerful, yet calming flavor, we add a range of herbs and spices, along with some hops, ginger and lemon peel to accentuate the natural brightness of the recipe. Any gin cocktail begs for lavender bitters. 

Orange Bitters - Riding on a comparable wave of popularity to the Aromatic Bitters, these Orange Bitters carry an equal level of versatility.  Orange Peel, Ginger, All Spice, Clove, and Caraway Seed provide a nice balance of citrus and spice. 

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