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Wine Chips

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These chips are simple, portable, dip-able, endlessly snack-able, and delicious.  They make the perfect accompaniment to your favorite wine!  (1 oz or 3 oz containers) Made in the USA

Sel Gris - a Wine Chips French sea salt innovation with a lemon twist. Pair it with a nice champagne, cava or prosecco! 

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt - a sweet and savory delight. Pair it with a fruity white or bubbly!

Black Lava Jalapeño - a spicy sea salt delicacy. Pair it with a riesling, pinot noir or medium bodied red!

Himalayan Salt & Vinegar - a sweet and tangy chip with Himalayan Sea Salt mined thousands of feet beneath the Himalayan Mountain Range and just the right sprinkling of distilled white wine vinegar to give it a delicious tang! (1 oz only)  


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