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Bathorium Sleepy Tea with Vanilla Rooibos Tisane
Apres Bath Sleepy Time Tea

Apres Bath Sleepy Time Tea



Your indulgent Bathorium experience doesn’t end when the tub is drained. Steep a cup, wrap yourself in a robe and let the evening ritual begin. 14 biodegradable tea bags per container.  

Garden Mint + Rose: A refreshing and soothing minty blend designed to promote restoration, relaxation and calm. A good nights rest is upon you. Caffeine free! 

Vanilla Rooibos Tisane: This liquid lullaby features notes of smooth vanilla chocolate, golden strands of calendula petal and south African red rooibos. The perfect way to drift into the sleepy abyss. caffeine free!  Hints of vanilla and chocolate.

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