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True Hue Soy Wax Candle
True Hue Soy Wax Candle

True Hue Soy Wax Candle



Palo Santo: Wind blows through linen curtains from a sill left ajar. Palo santo wood - lit, left burning on a ceramic tile lounging on the corner of a stone mantle. The breeze wafting smoke around the room, chasing spirits away and allowing specks of dust to catch light by dawn. Notes of Sandalwood, Red Clay, Oats, Vetiver, Smoke

Mariners Apartment: A salty sanctum, a dwelling full of stone washed linens, an oasis in shades of blue. Where white waves go crashing on tired land and sailors toss their wishes to the sea like coins over their shoulders as they cast their view towards Xanadu. Notes of Sea Salt, Cedarwood, Almond, Sage, Fressia, Orchid


Each candle comprised of soy wax and essential oil based fragrance oils (all are Prop 65 verified). Each candle comes complete with a premium cotton wick which burns cleanly for 50-60 hours. 

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