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Asheville Spice Company spice blends
Asheville Spice Co. Spices
Asheville Spice Company spice blend for everything
Ashevile Spice Company spice blend for fish and shrimp
Asheville Spice Company spice blend for chicken

Asheville Spice Co. Spices



These Southern Appalachian Spice Blends are roasted in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. There's a spice blend for all of your favorite meats, and they're great on veggies, too!  

Everyman Spice: If grilling is your pleasure, then the Everyman Spice Blend is perfect for you. Bring that beautiful ribeye steak to the next level by using our Chef Created Steak Blend, Everyman Steak Spice. This proprietary blend also enhances burgers, grilled corn on the cob and takes raw tomatoes, thick cut bacon or scrambled eggs to a new level!  Great for burgers, veggies and steaks.

River Spice: Taking spice to a whole new level… River Spice is our Southern Appalachian Cajun Spice. The perfect heat to bring seafood to life. Think roasted mountain trout, grilled shrimp or seared scallops. Outside the box thinker? How about roasted potatoes, grilled watermelon or spiced mayonnaise?  Great for seafood. 

All Y'all Spice: Don't know what you want?  Try our All Purpose All Y'all Spice Blend! The perfect blend of sweet, spice and smoky that will bring anything to life. Perfect for grilled pork tenderloin, roasted summer vegetables or steamed basmati rice. One spice for it all!  Great for burgers, veggies and steaks.

Yard Bird: Our own country poultry blend that will transform any chicken into a French masterpiece. Perfect for a whole roasted chicken, sautéed chicken breasts or, our favorite, grilled boneless chicken thighs!!! Also great on grilled lamb chops and marinated feta cheese. 

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