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How Big is a Coffee Scoop?-Small Batch Graphics + Goods

How Big is a Coffee Scoop?

How big is a coffee scoop? How many scoops do you need? How much water do you add? Is it the same amount for whole beans and for grounds? How many cups are in a pot? 

Is it just me, or do you ask these questions every time it's time to make a cup. My brother-in-law actually filmed me getting a lesson on how to make coffee at home. Which is pretty bad considering I worked as a barista for over a year in a coffee shop. It's so hard to remember how to make the perfect cup. 

So you can imagine my delight when I found these coffee scoops at the Southern Highlands Craft Fair this weekend in Asheville. Not only are they beautifully hand-crafted, they help make the perfect cup. Anything that makes life easier in the kitchen is warmly welcomed. 

It’s not always clear what size scoop you need to use for your coffee, but it can be so important. The amount of coffee you use determines the flavor and strength of your cup, so you need to have a scoop that measures correctly. A standard cup of coffee calls for two tablespoons per 8oz of water, which is exactly what these scoops hold!

Many of us need our coffee BEFORE we have to figure out the math of making coffee. While it may not be too bad if you only want one cup, it can be a bit much if you need to make more than one. Having the perfect scoop cuts down on some of the frustration you may feel. Be on the lookout for these scoops in the shop soon! They'll be a perfect addition to the delicious coffee we have from Carolina Coffee in Wilmington, NC. Keep for yourself or give as a gift. 



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